Seppi and Francesca

Hi. We are Seppi and Francesca Preston. We followed our hearts and opened Lighthouse Studios in 2003. Seppi's passion had always been photography;  Francesca's passion had always been Seppi errrr...not really.... Francesca had worked for various companies doing sales and marketing - so we decided to give it a shot working together. And here we are 11 years later, with our lovely photo studio, taking photos of many varied people and products, keeping our passion for photography alive. We believe that a big part of what we do is about relationships - we love people and Seppi is great at getting people relaxed whether it's a family getting their portraits taken, a nervous couple on their wedding day, a reluctant business person getting photos taken for a website, or a hyper schoolchild getting their school photos taken. 

All work and no play? Not likely ... as a couple we have three children so there's never a dull moment in our household. Seppi also spends his free time writing and performing stand-up comedy...who'd have thought it! Francesca is a member of The Heart of Scotland Choir, where they sing everything from Lady gaga to Radiohead and has various gigs lined up this year.

So all in all, we love what we do and we hope you will come and meet us and give us a try.


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