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Derrick & Louise 29
Ainscough Sept 2018
F Mackay Gray Downloads
W Lambie Downloads
Halsall Downloads
Cornton Staff Sept 2018
Target Family Day Sept 2018
Cameron & Sandy 29 Aug 2018
Cooper Aug 2018
K Sutton Download
Em Preston
Stg Uni Dalene
Kate & Nigel
Carolynn Bell
Stirling Uni Grad 2018 
Photos will be available to view on Monday 2nd July
Eriba Odin
L McTurk Downloads
B Davin Downloads
CK Album Proof
H Hutchison Downloads
R Morris Downloads
Target Healthcare May 2018
D Alexander Download
Reece's 21st
A Edgar Downloads
P Evans Downloads
Clare Moore May 2018
Jeneane jun 2018
N Stewart Downloads
Dunblane Centre May 2018
Brown April 2018
Graham April 2018
Halsall April 2018 
All images are unedited at this stage and are purely for proofing purposes.
An additional charge of £10 per change made applies for extra Photoshop work eg. swapping faces/heads
Target Apr 2018 Downloads
Target April 2018
Leckie Downloads
A Mitchell Downloads
J Henderson Downloads
Mogendorf Feb 2018
A Foo Downloads
D Gray Downloads
Cameron 17 Mar 2018
Morrison Mar 2018
Bechelli Sept 2017
Edgar 2017
Lindsay Downloads
CB Staff Downloads
S Hamilton Downloads
Stg Mgmt Headshots Downloads
Lindsay Feb 2018
Swan Feb 2018
Hadley Feb 2018
Stg Mgmt Downloads
FTI Graeme Feb Downloads
William & Headshots Shortlist Feb 2018
Campbell Eilidh
FTI Graeme 6 Feb 2018
Cornton Staff 2017
Derek & Karen Album
L Trainor Downloads
Stirling Uni Business Mngmnt
L Park Downloads
E Young Downloads
S Broadway Downloads
Derrick & Louise Proofs
J Finlayson Downloads
S Thomson Downloads
K Graham Downloads
A Maitland Downloads
LA McMillan Downloads
M Anderson Downloads
Kennedy Viewing 2017
Queen St Staff Downloads
ZW Downloads 13 Dec 2017
Kennedy Downloads Dec 2017
Key Retirement
Matthew & Rachel Downloads
L Guthrie Downloads
G Kotrys Downloads 2
A McDonagh Downloads
K Harrison Downloads
N Rae Downloads
G Baird Downloads
L Wilkinson Downloads
Seonaid & Paul
C McGimpsey Downloads
N Ballantyne Downloads
C McKinven Downloads
V Taylor Downloads
J Smirthwaite Downloads
A Setterington Downloads
C Robinson Downloads
M Weldon-Johns Download
New collection
C Cumming Downloads
L Fleming Downloads
L San Jose Downloads
F Marshall Downloads
H MacMillan Downloads
F Inglis Downloads
C Parry Downloads
L Macleod Downloads
Kellock Viewing 2017
M McWhinnie Downloads
McLean Love Viewing Nov 2017
Park Primary Seemis Photos
L Lenaghan Downloads
F McIntyre Downloads
J Islam Downloads
L Walker Downloads
E Lang Downloads
A Stewart Nov 2017 Downloads
S Kent Downloads
C Zinkiewicz Downloads
G Durrington Downloads
A Collins Downloads
T Devit-Parker Downloads
C Cotton Downloads
S Anoop Downloads
R McKinlay Downloads
Logan Shortlist
E Lategan Downloads
A Wills Downloads
M Fitzpatrick Downloads
C Gregory Downloads
C Morgan Downloads
M Boyack Downloads
J Murphy Downloads
H Allan Downloads
P Mulholland Downloads
A Gray Downloads
S Stephenson Downloads
A Patrick Downloads
Target 2 Nov 2017 Download
J Hammell Downloads
A Vermas Downloads
J Kearney Downloads
A Anderson Downloads
A Forsyth Downloads
Derek & Karen Album Proof
V Fleeting Downloads
L Chisholm Downloads
A Bell Downloads
L Doyle Downloads
Norbord Downloads Nov 2017
Norbord Nov 2017
E Stewart Downloads
S MacGregor Downloads
S Earle Downloads
S Fern Downloads
S Archibald Downloads
M Keir Downloads
H McEwan Downloads
Ronsholt Album Proof
G Kotrys Downloads
C McDonald Downloads
S Garioch Download
T Webster Downloads
L ODonnell Downloads
M France Downloads
J Stenhouse Downloads
F Balkwill Downloads
L Coulter Downloads
A Stewart Downloads
K Colburn Downloads
S McMenemy Downloads
H O'Hagan Downloads
M Hibbert Downloads
L Glass Download
S Shaw Downloads
C Blair Downloads
N Salt Downloads
D Mayor Downloads
J Logan Downloads
B Khan Downloads
N Fisher Download
M McLuckie Download
A Nicolson Download
L Conlon Downloads
E Usher Downloads
N Stein Downloads
F Winters Download
T Paterson Downloads
H Cluett Download
Park Primary Staff Oct 2017
Pear Tree Staff Sept 2017
Craigbank Kids
O Dunn Downloads
A McCrorie Download
Thorne 8th Oct 2017
A MacFarlane Download
K Lowe Downloads
K James Download
John & Marie Photobooth
Graham & Emma Stirling Photobooth
LScott Downloads
Craigbank Staff 2017
Laing Downloads
Mad Hatter
Forgie Downloads
Ramsay March 2017
McNiven Downloads
Heather Glenview Oct 2017
Sinclair Oct 2017
Easton Oct 2017
Rainbows and Unicorns
Target Healthcare 2017
PearTree Staff March 2017
Alex & Malcolm
Moore Downloads Sept 2017
Macleod Aug 2017
Mowat Aug 2017
Target Healthcare 2017 Mossview
Moore Shortlist
McDonald Aug 2017
Logan 2017
FTI Aug 2017
Callum Beattie
New collection
Beattie 11 July 2017
Rachel & Matthew June 2017
Stuart July Download
Stirling University Graduation June 2017
Hampalova June 2017
Stirling Uni Access 2017 Downloads
Maclean 2017
Houston 2017
Mawson 2017
Green May 2017
KidzWorld Staff Downloads May 2017
Karen & Derek
Marshall May 2017 Download
Marshall May 2017
Target May 2017
Stephan Downloads
Patterson April 2017
Ritchie April 2017
Coan April 2017
"I hate having my photograph taken"
KidzWorld Staff 2017
Audrey & Nick Album Proof V2
Alloa Road 5 Mar 2017
Dougie Jackson Feb 2017
Connelly Feb 2017
McColl Feb 2017
Preston Feb 14 2017
Commercial Example Gallery
Meighan 2017
Arnot Jan 2017
Graham & Emma 30 December 2016
Fleming Download
Katris Download
Cartney Dec 2016
Lisa & Ross Frame
Randfield 2017
Anna B
Smith Dec 2016
Johnston Fulton Downloads
Fleming Dec 2016
Stewart Downloads
Almeida Download
Bologna Downloads
Ruskell 2016
McEwan Dec 2016
Easton Dec 2016
Bologna dec 2016
Matthews Sep 2016
McColl Simpson
Simpson Nov 2016
Target Katy Downloads
Caroline & Ross
Smith Nov 2016
Arnhall Staff 2016
Target Katy
Stenhouse Nov 2016
Katris Graduation
Jason Graduation
Cameron Nov 2016
Johnstone Fulton
Heather Downloads
Ianson Downloads
Cindy Downloads
Kidzworld Nov 16
CommsVision 2016
Eve & David Groups
Park Drive Staff Nov 16
Stephenson Download
McLachlan Oct 2016
Cameron Canvas
Morrison Nov 16
Audrey & Nick Album Proof
Bright Starts Staff Nov 16
Kirsty Bright Starts Nov 16
Cameron Oct 16
Chisholm Oct 16
Wellgreen Staff Oct 16
A Collins
Sutherland Oct 16
Target Robyn
Duddy Downloads
Kirsty Fraser
Target - Robyn
Arnhall Staff Oct 16
Smyth Sep 16
Wyllie October 2016
Allans Primary Staff Oct 16
Heather Oct 16
Peartree Staff 16
Duddy Sep 16
Rodger Download
Johnstone Sep 16
graham sep 16
Shelley & Richard Album Proof
Rodger Sep 16
Moore Sep 16
Natalie Graduation
Peter & Louise 6th August 2016
Clark Aug 16
Fairley Aug 16
Milne Download
Nimmo Aug 16
Littlejohns Aug 16
Collins Aug 16
Collins Aug 16
Hendrick Aug 16
Target Laura & Ross Jul 2016
Brown Ferguson Aug 16
Target 28 July 2016
Candea Downloads
Cunningham July 16
MacLeod July 16
Richard and Shelley
Rutland July 16
Haeburn-Little July 2016
Candea July 16
Killorn June 2016
Howieson June 16
Mitchell June 2016
Mathieson 3 June 16
Morris June 16
Richardo & Lilliana
Stirling University Access Graduation 2016
Currie June 2016
Paterson June 16
Carman June 16
Nick and Audrey 28th May 2016
Peartree Staff May 16
McPherson 2016
Album For Printing - Aurora
Alloa Dance Show May 14 May 2016 
9x6" prints in mounts - £10 each
or buy three for £20
CDs also available. 
Please note these images have not been worked on and will all be photoshopped and if there is anything in the background in the proof it will be removed when we print or put onto cd.
Menzies Album Proof
Donnachie may 16
Sibbald May 16
Wedding Fair May 2016
Album For Printing
Target Downloads Apr
Malone Downloads
Norbord Downloads
Delany April 2016
Target - April 27 2016
Vaughan Downloads
Wellgreen Proofs
Malone April 16
Jane & John
Zero Waste Craig Download
Jam Jar Pearl Wedding
Norbord April 16
Target Healthcare 2016
Zero waste 1 mar 16 rebecca craig
Archibald April 2016
Park Nursery staff Mar 16
Target Care
David and Eve Proof
Bulloch Mar 16
Bechelli 23 Mar 16
Taylor Ronsholt Album Proof
Canny March 16
FTI Download
FTI consulting
Target March 16
Fleischmann download
Graham March 16
KidzWorld Downloads
Sheena & Stewart Album proof
Fleischmann Mar 16
Hamilton March 16
Dunn March 16
Laura & Martyn Album proof
Zero Waste Feb 16 download reekie
Zero Waste 24 feb 16
Andy & Stacey Album proof
Grant & Laura Album proof
Watt mills Album Proof
Kidzworld Feb 2016
Zero Waste February 2016
Zero waste Feb 16 b
Zero Waste Feb 2016
Lighthouse Studios Commercial
Target Jan 16 downloads
Couper Jan 16
Target Jan 16
Zero Waste Jan 16 download
Zero Waste Jan 16
Morrison Jan 16
norbord jan 16 download
Norbord Jan 16
Norbord Jan 16
Vaughan Dec 15
Quinn Oct 15
Abeledo Dec 15
Bell Dec 15
Kerr December 15
Stirling Uni Dec 15
Browne Dec 15
Braeport Dec 15
Gibson Nov 15
Wipaki Album Proof Nov 15
James and Tanya Album Proof
Target Nov 15
Conellias Nov 15
Sword Nov 15
MacDonald MacDonald Glenskirlie 13 Nov 15
Morrison Ainscough proof
Target Nov 15
Allan Nov 15
Mair Templeton 24 Oct 15
Test Collection 2015-11-19
Connor Nov 15
Morris Nov 15
Millar Nov 15
Fallin Staff Nov 15
Kirsty Bright Starts 2015
Bright Starts staff 2015
Park Drive Staff 2015
Kidzworld staff
Commsvision 2015
Commsvision 2015
Aqilah Nov 15
Rehmen Nov 15
Carrie Macdonald proof
zero waste nov 15
Borek Nov 15
Meadows Staff
Park Primary Oct 15
Suttie download oct 15
MacDonald Sep 15
Kilgannon Hamilton 3 Oct 15
Moffat Oct 15
Canny Oct 15
Heather and Cindy Oct 15
Test Collection 2015-10-11
Morrison Sept 2015
Cathedral Downloads
Peartree Staff Sep 15
Allans Primary Staff Sep 15
Mawson Download
Atkinson Downloads
Cassidy Sep 15
Murdoch Sept 15
James and Tanya 5th September 2015
Andy and Stacey 13 September 2015
Gilchrist Sep 15
Suttie September 2015
Shelagh Bryce
Cathedral Sep 15
Mackay September 15
Downie Sep 15
Zero Waste Sep 15
Atkinson September 15
Reeves Aug 15
MacDonald August 2015
Cairns Aug
Fiona and Michel 14th August 2015
Wilson downloads 2015
Hillview Staff August 2015
Bruce Fountain Aug 15
SBRC Jul 2015 Download
Shaw August 2015
Beattie Salquist 31st July 2015
Drysdale 2015
William & Laura 26 July 2015
ZW July 2015
SBRC Jul 2015
Marshall July 2015
Kevin & Lauren 25 July 2015
Aitken Download
Lynskey July 15
Naysmith 2015
Ross & Lisa Album
van Vliet Download
Reid June 2015
Park lesley
Buchan June 2015
Little Acorns June 2015
Test Collection 2015-06-25
Wilson June 15
Van Vliet June 15
Arnhall Graduation 2015
Toone Download
Aitken June 2015
Stirling Uni Graduation June 2015
Sangster June 2015
Toone June 15
Shiels june 15
Bruce June 15
Shaw June 2014
Mogendorff June 15
Douglas June 2015
Mackenzie May 2015
Laura and Andy May 2015
Gilmartin May 15
David May 2015
Moore May 15
Young May 15
Test Collection 2015-05-28
Bright Starts Staff May 2015
Bright Starts May 15
Peartree Staff May 15
Young May 2015
McGrandles May 15
Walker Apr
Grant and Laura Crieff Hydro 7th May 2015
Hay May 2015
Kool Kidz Staff May 15
Wipaki Carle 25th April 2015
Wellgreen Group Photos 2015
Mayes April 15
Bardsley April 2015
Harrower April 15
Wellgreen April 2015
Wood April 2015
Zero Waste Downloads
Lisa Rice and Ross Cavanagh Dunblane Hydro 11 April 2015
Jamieson Wishart
Laura and co April 2015
Horsburgh April 15
Littlejohns apr 15
Bendig Mar 15
Macdonald March 2015
Conellias, David Downloads
Conellias, David
Daly March 2015
Marshall March 15
Target March Downloads
Test Collection 2015-03-12
Juan March 15
Thom and Victoria Hollands 25 Feb 2015 Cromlix House
Smith March 15
Roughead March 15
Pike March 2015
MacPherson March 15
Broadleys feb 15
Perrie Feb 15
Target Downloads Feb 2015
Target Feb 15
Flieshart Feb 15
Clare Moore Download
Molloy Feb 15
Balmer feb 15
Dow Feb 15
STEP 16 Feb 2015
Coupe Jan 2015
Moore Feb 15
Dougie Jackson
Howieson Feb 15
Zero Waste feb 15
Ferguson Skivington Proof 2
Central FM Downloads
Taylor Armstrong
Murdoch jan 15
Fallin Staff
Robertson Jan 15
Mackenzie January 2015
Central FM Jan 2015
Bishop Jan 2015
Milne Oct 14
Armstrong Jan 15
uploads Armstrong Jan 15
Anderson Jan 2015
Murdoch Jan 15
Shilliday Dec 14
Carlo Dec 2014
Lategan Dec 14
Carlo Dec 14
Speirs Dec 14
Hart Dec 14
McPherson Dec 14
Meek Dec14
McGill May 14
Freed Dec 14
Rowley Dec 14
Harris Stuart
Barnes Dec 14
McLuskey dec 14
Peebles Dec 14
Commercial Photography
Gunn Dec 14
Devine Dec14
Ferguson Skivington Proof
Wright Downloads
Morrow Nov 14
STEP Nov 2014
Weston Nov 14
Gordon Nickell 25th October 14
Morris Download
MorrisNov 14
Howieson Nov 14
Falkirk Nov 14
CommsVision lighthouse
VC2 - 2014
Baillie Nov 14
Kidzworld Nov 14
Brea download
Brea Nov 14
Kolle Oct 14
Watson Oct 14
Low Morrison Proof album
KerryAnne and David Album Proof
Tom and Jackie Album Proof
Angela & Kenneth
Park Drive Staff Oct 14
Glenview Oct 14
Gibson October 2014
Cairns Oct 14
Beher Oct 14
Malcolm Oct 14
Scollay Wendy
Bechelli Oct 14
Peartree Staff Oct 14
Inglis September 14
Alva Primary Class Shots 2014 
All orders received by 9th November will be delivered to the school so no postage is required (when you order click you'll collect it so no postage is charged) - for orders after 9th November you can choose to pay postage and have delivered to your address, or you can collect at the studio.
Borek Sep 14
SBRC Aug 2014
Bright Starts Staff 2014
Boyle September 14
Mountford Aug 14
Moore September 14
Mathieson August 2014
Neilson Sep 2014
sbrc Sep 14
Holden Woolvin 23 August 2014
Mackay Aug 14
Angela multi options
Tom & Kathryn
Knox August 14
Coyle 2014
Swan Aug 2014
Sneddon Aug 2014
Morrison Aug 2014
Larson Aug 2014
Findlay Carmichael Wedding 26th July 2014
Nimmo August 2014
Cameron July 2014
Neil & Lorna Proof
Scollay July 2014
Karen and Colin Solsgirth 29th June 2014
McKenzie Jul 2014
Tom and Jackie 27th June 2014
Brown June 2014
Skillen June 2014
Smillie June 2014
Kirsty & William Album Proof
Stirling University Graduation June 2014
Tiptoes Graduation June 2014
Happitots Cumbernauld June 2014
Bright Beginnings Graduation 2014
Rettie June 14
Happitots Glasgow Airport Staff 14
Arnhall Staff 14
Arnhall graduation 2014
Milne June 2014
Reid June 2014
Peartree Staff june 2014
Peartree Class Shots 2014
Allans Primary Class Photographs June 2014
Caldwell May 2014
Happitots SLC staff
Bertram Graduation May 2014
McGill May 2014
Allans Fair 2014
Milne May 2014
Wallace May 2014
Constable May 14
Target May Edinburgh
Wellgreen may
Hetherington May 2014
RobinRuth Apr 2014 Download
Richards may 14
SBRC Apr 2014
New collection
Denholm Album Proof
Ritchie April 14
Neil and Lorna Brunton 16th April 2014
Robin Ruth April 14
gibson apr 14
Garden April 2014
Young April 2014
Monaghan April 2014
Boyle March 2014
Weldon-Johns 2014
William McLean and Kirsty Love 14th March 2014
Morag March 2014
Bielecka March 2014
Carmichael Mar 2014
EWOS Download
Sinclair Mar 14
EWOS March 2014
Graham March 2014
Gittins March 2014
Claire & Alasdair Album Proof
Yin & Lisa Album Proof
Stewart Lynne
Swan archives
Holden 2014
Quinlan 2012
Furnace 4 apr 09
Wilson '14
Target Feb 2014 Downloads
Jam Jar Downloads
Kindig Feb 14
Mitchell 2006
McDougall Jan 2014
Kelly Feb 2014
Taggart Feb 14
Stringer feb 2014
Morrow Feb 14
Ray Feb 2014
Smith Oct 2012
Greasely Feb 13
Lippiatt Feb 2014
Brown Feb 2014
Fletcher Nov 2012
Target Feb 2014
Maitland Feb 2014
Jam Jar Feb 2014
wilson 2014
Graeme & Karen Album Proof
Watt Jan 2014
Young Jan 2014
Somerville Download
Robertson Jan 14
Killorn Jan 2014
SWD Jan 2014
Somerville Jan 2014
Bright Starts Staff
Rowe Jan 2014
Unsworth Dec 13
Allanwater Website
Paynton 2013
Hunter Dec 13
James and Katie, Balbirnie 6th Dec 13
Clare & Emily
Gibney Dec 13
Richards Dec 13
McGeown Nov
Nairn Dec 13
Erbes Dec 2013
Robson 2013
Smeaton/Jamieson Dec 13
Balbirnie dec 13
Forrester Nov 13
Boyd Nov 13
Maitland Nov 2013
Scott Laughland
Stuart Nov 13
Laughland Nov 13
Ruskell Nov 13
Cribb Nov 13
Pauline and Cameron Album Proof
Baillie Nov 2013
Willis Nov 2013
Anderson Nov 13
Lisa & Yin 26 October 2013
Gillies Download
Grant Nov 13
Shellcock 2012
Jaconelli Chistening album proof
Henderson Nov 13
Ogilvie Nov 13
Sanderson Nov 13
Tiptoes Staff Nov 13
Gillies Nov 13
Peden Oct 2013
McGaughey Oct 13
Lovell Oct 2013
Bretenoux 2013
Graeme and Karen 19th Oct 2013
Russell Oct 2013
Ferguson Oct 2013
Denholm 12 Oct 2013
Arnhall Staff Download
BofA Mosaic Oct 2013
Target Advisors Oct 2013
Arnhall Staff winter 2013
Willis Oct 2013
Cox Oct 2013
Pritchard Oct 2013
Johnstone Sep 2013
Dickson September 2013
Whitehead Sep 2013
Peartree Staff Sep 2013
St Marys Staff Sep 2013
Toby and Deborah 7 September 2013
Martin Sep 2013
Longstaff Sep 2013
Allans Primary Staff Sep 2013
FSB September 2013
St Marys Sep 2013
Boyd Sep 2013
Murray Ali Aug 2013
Brunton Aug 2013
Sutherland Aug 2013
Nazam August 2013
Bredin Black
Moore August 2013
McBrearty Aug 2013
Tait Aug 2013
BofA Mosaic
Mogendorff Proof
Boyd Aug 2013
Beveridge Aug 2013
Brown Aug 2013
Claire and Alasdair 3rd August 2013
Sian and Paul Kinkell Byre 2 Aug 2013
SportSense Downloads
Gilchrist July 2013
Galloway July 2013
Barnes July 2013
Strawberry Hill Graduation July 2013
McKenzie July 2013
Sinclair July 2013
Album Proof Robertson
Moore June 2013
Bertram Group Photos
Campbell Download
Bright Beginnings Stirling Graduation June 2013
Campbell June 2013
Stirling University Graduation May 2013
Happitots Garrowhill May 2013
Stirling Uni Group 2013
Setterington June 2013
Kiran and Tamzin Album proof
Boyd June 2013
Stenhouse June 2013
Gracie June 2013
Beckingham June 2013
Tiptoes Graduation June 2013
Eik June 2013
Pitkin Martin Album proof
Barnett Harris proof
Taylor Ronsholt 1st June 2013
Jaconelli 2013
Allanwater Cafe
Josephine and Gerry
McKinlay May 2013
Bertram Graduation May 2013
Redford May 2013
Strathcarron Hospice May 2013
Beveridge May 2013
Bond Download
Target Downloads 2013
Target May 2013
Bell 2 (May 2013)
Bright Begs Bridge of Allan Staff May 13
Allans Primary Class Photographs May 2013
Peartree Staff May 2013
Bell April 2013
Farrelly Album Proof
Capaldi Morrison April 2013
Park Staff
Kerr Apr 2013
Myles April 2013
Richard & Jamie Edinburgh Castle 31 March
Peebles Wallace Album Proof
Heseltine April 2013
J Robertson
Lilley Pre-Wedding Shoot March 2013
Maitland 2013
Johnston Coupethwaite, Solsgirth House, 23rd March 2013
Lisa Pilgrim
Carlo March 2013
McDonald March 2013
Smith March 2013
Pringle March 2013
Wilson 2013
Burn 2013
Hopkins Feb 2013
Wylie proof
Martin and Louise's wedding 9th March 2013, Solsgirth House
Bechelli Feb 2013
Menstrie March 2013
McMurrich 2013
Paterson Download
McConnell Feb 2013
Robin Ruth Feb 2013
Graham Feb 2013
Johnston Feb 2013
Nicolson Feb 2013
Robinson Feb 13
Boyle Jan
Dowie Feb 2013
SBCC Jan Download
SBCC Jan 2013
Lawrence Jan 2013
Kittler January 2013
Brown Jan 2013
Lynch Download
RR Downloads
Gray Jan 2013
Murray December
Borges-Rey Download
Bennie Collection
Robin Ruth December 2012
Pru Party Dec 2012 
All print and cd orders placed by Tuesday 18th Dec at noon will be delivered to the Pru on Wednesday 19th Dec (last first class post for Xmas is Thursday so good timing!). Select "collect from studio" and we will drop into the Pru. Canvas and frame orders are now not guaranteed for Christmas, but will be ready in the New Year.
Trapp December 2012
Gilmour December 2012
Murphy December 2012
Stacey & Kevin proof
Jackson December 2012
Cluett December 2012
Paynton Digital
Denholm 1st December 2012
Bridge of Allan Primary Christmas Fair 
All orders for prints and cds ordered by 14th December will be ready in time for christmas - you can select either collect at studio or have posted to you. Frames and canvas prints are not guaranteed in time for christmas.
Vicki Gunn
Lilliput Staff
Happitots Cumbernauld Staff
Bright Beginnings BofA Staff
Headley November 2012
McLauchlin Nov 2012
Kirstie and Josh
Keith Nov 2012
Peebles / Wallace Wedding
Hendry O'Sullivan proof
McGaughey Album Proof
Mogendorff, Robin and Susan 27th Oct 2012
McGill November 2012
Park Drive Staff Oct 2012
Happitots Garrowhill Staff Oct 2012
BB Falkirk Staff Oct 2012
Arnhall staff Oct 2012
Willis September 2012
Aitchison Download
Leckie November 2012
Stenhouse October 2012
Heather and Cindy Oct 2012
Grey October 2012
Stewart October 2012
MacRae October 2012
Mary Jo & Stuart proof
Dougall October 2012
Aitchison October 2012
Peartree October 2012
Penman September 2012
Stacey & Kevin 22nd September 2012
Bruce and Pauline Proof
Kiran & Tamzin
Wilson September 2012
Wilson August 2012
Campbell O'Ryan September 2012
Lawrence August 2012
Munro Download
McIntosh August 2012
Mills July 2012
Pellicci August 2012
John & Clayre Proof
Munro August 2012
Butterfield July 2012
Hunter Aug 2012
O'Donnell August 2012
San Jose August 2012
Kuhan August 2012
Jennifer & Steven August 2012
Paxton August 2012
Bright Beginnings BofA Graduation 2012
Edgar McPake Album
Niven August 2012
MacPherson August 2012
Bruce & Pauline
Larson Album
Sellar July 2012
Moore July 2012
McGuigan July 2012
Trimmer July 2012
Ponzio & McIntyre Download
Waye June 2012
Mailer July 2012
Andy & Lorraine
Wilma June 2012
Happitots Garrowhill Graduation June 2012
Ponzio & McIntyre June 2012
Bennie June 2012
Allan June 2012
Keith June 2012
Miller June 2012
McGaughey Album
Stirling Uni 2012
Sutherland June 2012
Tinch June 2012
Giannandrea May 2012
Lambert June 2012
Ure May 2012
Fallens May 2012
Bright Beginnings Stirling May 25th
Pitkin Martin 19th May 2012
Gairns May 2012
Joanne Bowie
B Begs B of Allan Staff May 12
Beckingham May 2012
Funky Bumpers Download
Edgar McPake 5th May 2012
Bright Beginnings Stirling May 2012
Butterfield April 2012
SBCC May Download
Koechlin April 2012
Hendry O'Sullivan 28 April 2012
Htots SLC Staff
Fallens April 2012
Williamson April 2012
MacKenzie + Nicholson April 2012
Clayre and John
Henderson McKenzie April 2012
Mcgowan April 2012
Larson MacDonald 6th April 2012
Carlo April 2012
Macleod March 2012
Heath April 2012
Lawrie April 2012
Wilson April 2012
New collection
Wilson Soreide Album Proof
Birthday Shoot March 2012
Jacobs March 2012
Media Well Done
Funky Bumpers
New collection
hi-res files
lo-res files
Cook Feb 2012
Kindig 2
Mark & Lesley-Anne
Aitken Feb 2012
Heaney Feb 2012
Swan February 2012
Bologna Download
Blair Rae Album
Wilson Soreide 4 Feb 2012 
Willie and Benedicte, 4th February 2012. We hope you enjoy these images. They will stay online until end May 2012.
Wallace Jan 2012
Lovell Jan 2012
Tytler Download
arnhall staff 2011
Gemmill Jan 2012
McKay Download
McKay Jan 2012
McAllister Nov 2011
Kindig Jan 2012
Bologna 2012
Stenhouse Doreen
Bennie January 2012
Tytler January 2012
Robin Ruth Download
McIntosh Dec 2011
Ackers December 2011
Callum & Chrid Album
Andrews Album
Robin Ruth
Cochrane Dec 2011
Ralston Dec 2011
Pru Party Xmas 2011
Connie and Craig Dec 2011
Macdonald Dec 2011
Lynch Dec 2011 + Sept 2012
McKenna Nov 11
Baker Album Proof
Thomson Twins 2011
Thomson Nov 2011
Hill Nov 2011
Speed Nov 11
Lindsay Nov 2011
Northcott November 2011
Mitchell Nov 11
Target Downloads
Nugent Nov 2011
chrid and callum November 2011
Stewart Oct 2011
Bennie Oct 2011
Logan Oct 2011
Webb Oct 2011
McAuslane Oct 2011
McGhee Oct 2011
School and Nursery samples
Doherty Oct 2011
Connor & Catriona McGaughey, Glenskirlie Castle
Robert & Sarah Album Proof
Peartree October 2011
Swan October 2011
Hunter October 2011
Maughan 8 Oct 2011
Michael and Gillian 1 Oct 2011
SBCC Oct 2011
Bruce and Noreen Proof
Heather and Cindy Oct 2011
King Sept 2011
Anthony Sept 2011
McKinlay September 2011
Law Sept 2011
Jones September 2011
Moore September 2011
Chris and Pam Proof
Bain September 2011
Louise and Fiona Sep 2011
Andrew and Lynn Sept 2011
Mcphee September 2011
Gill and Michael Pre-Wedding Sep 2011
Ryder September 2011
Mark and Lesley-Anne 3 September 2011
Brennan Hanson Album proof
Rice August 2011
Macrae August 2011
Stirling Dental Final
Whyte August 2011
Oliphant August 2011
Wilson August 2011
Allan Aug 2011
Menzies 2011
Mummery August 2011
I. Cake cutting and reception details
G. Chris and Pam - Roman Camp
H. Guests and group shots - Roman Camp
F. Guests and group shots - cathedral
E. Pam and Chris - cathedral
D. The wedding ceremony
C. Pam's arrival
B. Chris and guests before wedding
A. Pam getting ready
Stirling Dental July 2011
Coutts July 2011
Howieson July 2011
McNicholl June 2011
Hughson July 2011
Bruce Marsland and Noreen Kern 23rd July 2011 
Photos from Bruce and Noreen's wedding will be available to view online until end September 2011. We hope you love them!
McAndrew July 2011
Arnhall Graduation 2011
Jamieson July 2011
Spence July 2011
McQueen July 2011
Gillis Dewar Wedding 15 June
Milligan July 2011
Steve and Sabrina 2nd July 2011 
Photos from Steve and Sabrina's wedding in St Andrews will be available to view online from Saturday 9th July 2011.
Smith July 2011
Campbell July 2011
Grattan June 2011
Kimber June 2011
Olugbengo June 2011
Bright Beginnings Bridge of Allan Graduation May 2011
Happitots Garrowhill Graduation May 2011
Brotherton Download
Wardlaw June 2011
Myles June 2011
Stirling City Gymnastics 2011
Scottish Ales
Brotherton June 2011
Summerscales June 2011
McDonald June 2011
Ketan and Ayesha album proof
Littlejohns June 2011
McKie June 2011
Tiptoes Graduation May 2011
Curran May 11
Spowage May 2011
Craig Forbes 27 May 2011 
Photographs from James & Eva's wedding will be available to view online until end September 2011. Enjoy!
Tiptoes Fun Day
Kinross May 2011
Meikle May 2011
Boys Brigade May 2011
Dunblane Centre Boys Brigade Individual shots May 2011
Robert and Sarah's wedding 20th May 2011 
Images from Robert and Sarah's wedding will be available to view online from Saturday 28th May 2011.
Johnstone May 2011
Mungall 30 Apr 2011
Robert and Sarah May 2011
awards 2011
Coan May 2011
Bright Beginnings Stirling May 2011
Neilson may 2011
Farmer May 2011
Kidzworld May 2011
Peartree May 2011
Byron Abbott May 2011
Brooks-Burnett April 2011
Farrelly Sinclair 29th April 2011 
Martin and Kirstin's wedding Dunkeld 2011. We hope you love these photographs. They will remain online until end August 2011.
Thomson April 2011
Macaskill April 2011
Walker April 2011
Wylie, Ben and Mairi 16th April 2011 
Ben and Mairi's wedding 16th April 2011. We hope you love the photographs.
Kinsley April 2011
Ketan & Ayesha Lennoxlove House 
Thank you for a fantastic day with you, your family & friends at Lennoxlove. Photographs will be available to view online until end June 2011. Enjoy.
Goodenough proof
Gavin and Heather 2 April 2011
Ayesha & Ketan London
Callam March 2011
Scollen March 2011
Hill Graham
Kerr mar 2010
Millar Feb 2011
Eva & James
Stenhouse Multi
Letford Download
Fotheringham Feb 2011
Conroy Feb 2010
Waring Petrie
Joanna, Susie & Raymond
Sandy & Yvonne Album
Richmond Feb 2011
Trotter Feb 2011
Stenhouse Feb 2011
Stenhouse Dec 2010
Mackie Digital
Oldham Dec 2010
Pru Party
Peebles Dec 2010
Morris Dec 10
Willemse Dec 2010
Wilma Dec 2010
Zub Dec 2010
Lewis Nov 2010
Please note the light in the background will be digitally removed from any photos that you order.
Johnson Dec 2010
Farqhuar Nov 2010
Dunblane Centre
Maxwell Nov 2010
Brewster Nov 2010
Bonner Nov 2010
McLaren Nov 10
Cathal & Sarah Album Proof
Wilson Nov 10
Miller Nov 2010
Penman Nov 2010
Mackie Oct 2010
Mearns Oct 2010
Hewitt Oct 10
Arnhall staff
Lang 2010
Hogarth Oct 2010
Whitecraigs Staff Oct 2010
Richard Morris and Sue Andrews 
Images from Richard and Sue's wedding will be available to view from Saturday 16th October - see you then.
Tigh Mor
Kidzworld staff
Peartree Staff
Heseltine September 2010
Cowie Bower Saturday 2nd October 2010 
Images from James and Sarah's wedding will be available to view online from Saturday 9th October.
Moncrieff September 2010
Hibberd Sept 2010
Brennan Hanson final shortlist
Carlo Album Proof
I. Reception and Speeches
H. Jonathan and Denise
G. Group Photographs
F. Candid Guest Photographs
D. Denise before wedding
E. The wedding
C. Guests before wedding
B. Jonathan before wedding
A. Denise getting ready
Mitchell Sept 2010
Jennings August 2010 
Jennings August 2010
Milne Aug 2010
Cotsey and Sarah
Rob Ball
Laing July 2010
Morrison July 2010
Edwardson July 2010
Kirton-Vaughan July 2010
Swan 23/07/2010
Wilson Album
Aitchison 17 July 2010
Baird jun 2010 
The following images will remain online till end August 2010.
Elliott Brennan and Kathryn Hanson 
Elliott and Kathryn, 26th June 2010.
Henderson June 2010 
Please note there is some colour variation since these have not had any retouching done yet - however any photo you order will be retouched and colours will be fine.
Crombie 26/06/2010
Stirling Uni june 2010
Brown Pauline may 2010
Goodman May 10
Keating May 10
H. The Speeches
G. Steven and Emily
F. Guest photos and candid photos
E. Group Photographs
D. The Wedding
C. Emily before wedding
B. Steven and Guests before wedding
A. Emily getting ready
Stein May 10
McArthur May 10
Callum & Chrid Johnston
Brian & Anna
Kidz World Nursery Staff
The following photos will remain online until end May 2010.
These images will remain online until the end of May 2010.
These images will remain online until the end of April 2010.
Taylor Feb 2010 
These images will remain online until the end of March 2010.
Campbell Feb 2010
Central FM
Sharp Jan 2010
These images will remain online until the end of May 2010.
McMahon 1
Little Stars Falkirk 2009
Morrison Naming Ceremony
The following images will remain online until end January 2010.
Little Stars Stirling October 2009 
These images will remain online until the end of December 2009.
Please ignore the pricing details - these are the portrait prices. Just contact us with your favourite pictures and Seppi will do the final work to them.
Tiptoes 2009 
Images will available to view from 28th october.
Glenview 2009 
The following images will remain online until end January 2010.
Haggis, Speeches, Cake & Pipe Band
Guests & Candids
Group Shots
Chad & Fiona
Wedding Ceremony
Fiona & Girls At Home
Callum and Chrid
The following images will remain online until end October 2009.
These images will remain online until the end of August 2009.
Alasdair & Gemma 
Photographs from Gemma & Ali's wedding will be available to view online until the end of January 2010.
Sample Albums
Hill Album Proof
Photos from Glen & Elizabeth's wedding will be available to view online until the end of July 2009
These photographs will remain online until the end of July 2009.
Lighthouse School and Nursery Photography 
Welcome to Lighthouse Studios.

Established in Stirling in 2003, we are a family-run photography business, run by award-winning photographer Seppi Preston LMPA. We supply high quality, professional yet relaxed photography to families, schools and nurseries throughout Scotland.

We are registered with SchoolPhotoPRO, whose photographers adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. We hope to soon gain our accreditation with them where school photographers must also provide evidence that they are competent in their chosen field(s) of school photography and their customers are happy with the service they provide.

We hope the information below helps you understand a little more about what we can offer to your school or nursery – but please call or email us if you would like to discuss your particular needs further.

Why Lighthouse Studios? 
Managers and staff love our organised approach, exceptional quality and reliability.
Parents love our flexible package choices, great value for money, fun creative photography and ability to capture their kids’ personalities.
We hope your school or nursery will love our wealth of experience of working with children of all ages, our guaranteed turnaround times, and the high levels of commission that we offer.

We have achieved recognition for our work from the Master Photographers Association on many occasions, with several high profile awards - Scottish Family Photographer of the Year 2008, UK Family Photographer of the Year Finalist and many other portrait and wedding photography awards. Seppi is keen to ensure that any photography carrying the Lighthouse brand is of a certain high standard, hence extensive training is offered to all employees.

The Lighthouse Studios brand represents relaxed, fun, stylish photography, printed to a high standard, and delivered to extremely contented customers. We love what we do and take the time to get the best images we can.

Our Staff
All employees are reference checked and enhanced disclosure Scotland checks can be provided. All our employees have certain qualities in common: they are patient, can cope under pressure, and get on with children (most are parents themselves) as well as being talented photographers.

Experience at Working with Children 
We currently photograph children daily from birth onwards throughout Scotland: in nurseries and schools, in our studio and in soft plays where we have photography contracts.

Equipment and Insurance
All of our photography equipment is of the highest professional standard.
Every piece of equipment is PAT tested, allowing peace of mind in terms of health and safety to each nursery.
Lighthouse hold £2m of public and £75k of product liability insurance as well as £10m employers’ liability.

Print Quality
We use professional photography labs, which specialise in nursery and school photography. They were selected primarily on print quality and high levels of service.

Nursery Feedback
Managers like the high commission they receive (and Lighthouse’s good photography means high sales levels leading to high commission).
-Staff like working with us because the photography runs smoothly and everyone sees it as a fun day.
-Children feel at ease, producing natural results.
-We keep our promises with regards to deadlines.

Parents’ Feedback
-They love the photos of their kids – they are individual and capture personalities 
-We offer good value for money
-We offer a variety of poses in both colour and black and white.
-We fulfil all orders on time.
-We offer a free family sitting and session to all families.

Quality Control
Lighthouse are very protective of their brand image. Therefore quality checks are carried out at every stage of the process – from the photography, the quality of prints at proof stage, through to the final print quality. This gives the school or nursery peace of mind that parents will be happy, at the same time protecting the Lighthouse Brand.
Sanderson Iain & Jennifer
The following images will remain online until end June 2009.
The following images will remain online until end June 2009.
Speeches & Dancing
Grant & Lisa
Lisa Before Wedding
Grant Before Wedding
Photographs from David and Marion Hill's wedding on 31st January 2009. We hope you enjoy the photographs - they will remain online until end August 2009.
Frame Samples 
Please telephone or email us with your frame choice or if ordering online prints to be framed please make a note of the frame reference number in the comments section when placing your order.
Hope you like them!!!!!!
Little stars staff photos 
These pictures will remain online until the end of July 2009
Classic, Image Book, Framed Image Book, Reportage, Bellissimo, Elegance & Parent Albums
Lynch Brian & Alexis 
Photographs from Brian & Alexis' wedding will be available to view online until the end of October 2008.
Gift Vouchers 
Click here to buy gift vouchers - all vouchers are valid for 12 months